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Lube & Car Wash Operators:

Frustrated With the Steps in YOUR Bays?




don’t Pull Your Hair Out!


Get the indestructible Shure-Step®


You’ll never have to worry about the Shure-Step® falling apart on you . . . EVER. If the Shure-Step® gives you any trouble I’ll replace it FREE, or buy it back from you!!


My techs love their Shure-Step®s! We stack `em up all the time, especially on the big trucks. They’re the lightest, easiest to use stepstool we’ve got in our shop.


            –Jim Pearson, Owner-Kwik Kar Lube, Pearland, TX


 Now, even the diesels are easy to service with the Shure-Step!


Our Unmatched "NO BS" Double Guarantee

#1: Satisfaction Guaranteed for 60 Days  - If any Shure-Step product isn’t everything we promised and a lot more, if you aren’t thrilled with it after 60 days, return it for a full refund. (Most say they wouldn’t give up their Shure-Step for what they paid for it, if they couldn’t get another one!!!)

#2: Lifetime Guarantee - If the plastic Shure-Step ever becomes damaged during normal use we will replace it FREE!!


Here’s what the NOLN Mystery Shopper says about the Shure-Step®






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     I know that your time is valuable so I’ve tried to get the most relevant information on how to reduce injuries and save money when it comes to using step stools in your business. If there’s a question I didn’t answer or some other information you’d like see, just e-mail me by clicking here.


Thanks for checking out the Shure-Step®



David C. DuPont

Shure-Step® Inventor



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