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Safety Step Stools for Active Adults


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Click this video to see how your mom can get into a truck or SUV easily!
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Click this video to learn all about the Senior Step Stool
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Get into bed easily with the Senior Step
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The 6 inch tall Senior Step Stool for
buses & trains

Senior Step Stools For Beds

"The Senior Step Stool makes it easy
to get into bed"

Senior Step Stools for Vans and Trucks

"The Senior Step has a large top surface so you can easily get into a truck or SUV"

“The residents at our senior living facility were having a hard time getting up to the first step on our bus.
I personally bought a Shure-Step® for them to use, when the management saw how well it worked, they bought their own Shure-Step® to keep on the bus.”
Lenny Ewell, bus driver, Atria Hearthstone East

The 6 inch tall Senior Step stores safely under seats or straps in easily for storage 

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In total there are 7 REASONS WHY THE Shure-Step® Safety Step Stool IS THE ONLY CHOICE TO HELP SENIORS KEEP THEIR INDEPENDENCE when it comes to using a safe step stool.


Want to know who builds the best step? Ask: who gives the best guarantee? Here’s ours, simple and straightforward:

Our Unmatched "NO BS" Double Guarantee

#1: Satisfaction Guaranteed for 60 Days - If any Shure-Step® product isn’t everything we promised and a lot more, if you AND your crews aren’t thrilled with it after 60 days, return it for a full refund. We’ll even pay the shipping back. (No one has EVER taken us up on this. Most say they wouldn’t give up their Shure-Step® for what they paid for it, if they couldn’t get another one!!!)

#2: Lifetime Guarantee - If the Shure-Step ever becomes damaged during normal use we will replace it FREE!!

#3. Save Money Thanks To First-Rate SAFETY - The Shure-Step® has the largest standing surface of any plastic utility step in the world. Its wedge design prevents tipping. The non-skid pads prevent slipping even on smooth or wet floors!

#4: Lightweight But So Darned Durable - You'll Think They're Made With Secret Plastics From Another Planet - The Senior Step weighs 10 pounds. It was crushed using a wooden block resembling a foot. It required 2,670 pounds of pressure to push the block 3 inches into the step. When the block was removed the step returned to its original shape overnight and went back to work.

#5: Put Away The Aspirin - No Maintenance Headaches, No Replacement Headaches, Lifetime Warranty....Thanks to the double walled construction it’s the Toughest Step Ever!!!

#6: Really Better Than Any Other Step Stool - The Senior Step is rectangular (not round) for more stability, it has no wheels or moving parts to break, it has no legs so it will hold more weight.

#7: The Best Value - The Senior Step will be around for years and years of trouble-free service. Unlike other step stools that you replace 2 or 3 times a year because they are flimsy or become damaged and unstable.


I think you want good value. Heck - I know I do. And it’s so hard to come by these days, there are too many cheap products to sort through. So I’ve worked hard to make sure this is NOT one that will waste your time.

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Thank you for reading,

 David C. DuPont, Shure-Step® Inventor

PS: These steps are tough. I drove over a Shure-Step®II with a � ton truck. 5 days later it popped back into shape and you couldn’t tell it had been run over!!! Can you find another step that’ll do this??? Call 800-273-7866.

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