Jump Profits by Reducing Costs Associated With Insurance Claims

Tighten Your Expense Controls By Keeping Employees Safe

Slips and falls are the number two cause of accidents and death in the USA today. You can save literally millions of dollars from one preventable lawsuit by keeping your employees safe.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Injuries in the workplace can be prevented through education and ergonomics less expensively than they can be treated in rehab. Failure to prevent them can only lead to increased workman’s comp, increased insurance costs, lower productivity and lower morale.


Don’t let an employee with a TV lawyer skyrocket your insurance and workers comp cost!!

Get ’em the Shure-Step® to stand on
They’re the Safest, Toughest Step Stool money can buy!!

“We have been using several of these Shure-Steps® for a couple of years now and I have seen our people taking them from each other to use over the metal types. The right thing to do is get more Shure-Steps® for safety and productivity. I do not recall how I found out about this product but they are great.”

– Steve Gorski, Operations Manager, Amko Service Co. Stockertown, PA

We often think of the “office” as a safe workplace, but there are many “accidents” waiting to happen because of poor planing. Shure-Step can help you prevent those accidents – and comes in handy at the office when reaching up high on bookshelves or filing cabinets.