Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Shure-Step® Step Stools.
What is the warranty for Shure-Step® Step Stools?
Shure-Step® Step Stools have a lifetime warranty on the plastic part of the step.
Can I return the Shure-Step® if it doesn't work for me?
Yes, we have a 60 day, no questions asked return policy. If you’re not completely thrilled with your Shure-Step®, just put it back in the box it came in and ship it back. We will cheerfully refund 100% of the purchase price of your Shure-Step®.
How do I know which Shure-Step® is the correct height and size for my passenger?
We recommend measuring the distance from the ground to the first step on the vehicle you are trying to get your passenger into. Then you want to cut that distance in half. This way your passenger has 2 equal steps up into  your vehicle, one step from the ground to the top of the Shure-Step®, and one step from the top of the Shure-Step® into your vehicle.
Is there a non-slip surface on the top of the Shure-Step®?
Absolutely YES! The Shure-Step® models designed for passenger use have a 100 Grit black sandpaper pad on the top.
These models include:
Senior Step (SST)
Shure-Step II Passenger Step (SS2Y-Pass)
Tour Bus Step (TBS)
2-Step Stool (2-ST)
6 Inch Step Stool (6-ST)
Our Shure-Step® for mechanics have a diamond plate pattern molded into them with an additional ridge in the center of each diamond. This Nobby Top texture creates a non-slip surface even when oil, hydraulic fluid, or anti-freeze is spilled on it.
These models include:
Shure-Step II Nobby Top (SS2Y-Nob)
Shure-Step III Nobby Top (SS3Y-Nob)
Bus Mechanic Step (BMS)
How much does the Shure-Step® weigh?
That depends on which model Shure-Step®.
The Senior Step (SST)weighs 10 lbs.
The Shure-Step II Passenger Step (SS2Y-Pass)weighs 10 lbs.
The 2 Step Stool (2-ST) weighs 12 lbs.
The 6 Inch Step Stool (6-ST) weighs 5 lbs.
The Tour Bus Step (TBS)weighs 20 lbs.
The Shure-Step II Nobby Top (SS2Y-Nob) weighs 8 lbs.
The Shure-Step III Nobby Top (SS3Y-Nob) weighs 16 lbs.
The Bus Mechanic Step (BMS) weighs 16 lbs.
The “L” Shure-Step® weighs 39 lbs. each.
How much weight will the Shure-Step® hold?
In lab tests the Shure-Step® had a 1 foot long 4×4 block of wood placed on the top in 2 different positions. Then a load was applied with a hydraulic press. The wooden block was pushed into the Shure-Step® until the top of the block was flush with the top of the step, at 2750 psi. When the load was released and the step sat overnight, the step regained almost all of its original shape.
What are the Shure-Steps® made of?
The Shure-Step® is made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene which is a very durable and elastic type of plastic. It is the same plastic used to make the orange traffic barrels you see during highway construction.
How can this lightweight plastic Shure-Step® hold so much weight?

The Shure-Steps® use our double walled construction to achieve unsurpassed durability and ruggedness

Where are the Shure-Steps® made?

All Shure-Step® products are proudly made and ship from Paris, AR 72855.

Can you stack the Shure-Steps®?
There are several models of Shure-Step® that are stackable. You simply place one Shure-Step® of the same part number on top of another and, PRESTO! Now you’ve increased the height from 10 inches tall to 16 inches.
They are:
The Shure-Step II Nobby Top (SS2Y-Nob)
The Shure-Step II Aviation Step (AV-SS2-Nob)
The Shure-Step II Passenger Step (SS2Y-Pass)
The Shure-Step III Nobby Top (SS3Y-Nob)
The original “L” Shure-Step (SS1B)
Can I buy the Shure-Step® at a store?

No. You can purchase the Shure-Step® online at Shure-Step.com or from one of our online retailers.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. Email your purchase order to David@Shure-Step.com or fax to: 713-956-9311.

Are the Shure-Steps® OSHA approved?
There are no OSHA Regulations for general purpose step stools under 24 inches in height. At 24 inches high the step stool is required to have a handrail. ANSI Special Duty Rating for step stools is 375 pounds.(ANSI ASC A14.2-2007) The Shure-Steps® are rated for 500 pounds.
How do you ship the Shure-Step®?

The Shure-Steps® are shipped via UPS Ground. If you require expedited shipping please call 713-956-5240 or email David@Shure-Step.com .

Can you tie a rope or tether to the Shure-Steps®?

The Shure-Steps® have a hand hole on each end and a vent hole (for manufacturing) on the bottom. You can run a small diameter rope or tether through the 2 holes and pull it to you. Be sure to check that the weight isn’t too much to lift.

Do the Shure-Steps® come in different colors?

All of the Shure-Step® models come in yellow and black. The designation in the part number of “Y” is for yellow and “B” is for black. The yellow Shure-Step® is easier to see but the black Shure-Step® hides grease and grime. We can make the Shure-Step® in any color, but require a minimum order of 25 units. There is also an increased lead time of 2 weeks for special colors.

Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at david@shure-step.com or call at 713-956-5240 or Toll-Free 800-273-7866.