See how your mom can get into a truck or SUV easily!

The 6 inch tall Senior Step Stool for buses & trains.

Learn all about the Shure-Step® Senior Step Stool.

The Senior Step Stool makes it easy to get into bed.

Get into bed easily with the Shure-Step® Senior Step.

The Senior Step has a large top surface so you can easily get into a truck or SUV.

“The residents at our senior living facility were having a hard time getting up to the first step on our bus. I personally bought a Shure-Step® for them to use, when the management saw how well it worked, they bought their own Shure-Step® to keep on the bus.” Lenny Ewell, bus driver, Atria Hearthstone East.

The 6 inch tall Senior Step stores safely under seats or straps in easily for storage.