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Meet the World's Safest Step Stools for Seniors:

Did you know that not all step stools are created equal? In fact, many of the so-called "safe" step stools can actually worsen the outcome of a life-altering slip, trip or fall for the seniors in your care. Discover the only step stool with 9 essential safety features designed especially for seniors:

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FACT: Most Step Stools You See in Big Box Stores are NOT Safe for Seniors

Just a few of the worst step stool safety hazards:

Too Flimsy - Your senior can wobble & the step may collapse

Dangeously Sized - Too small, too short and/or too tall for common daily use 

Major Tripping Risk - Your senior's foot can get caught underneath

A Fall Waiting to Happen - Vision issues can make it hard to find the edge

Hi, I'm David DuPont and I invented the Senior Step to help seniors like my mom...

It was a very bright, sunny afternoon. I was supposed to drive my mom to her doctor's appointment that day, but plans changed at the last minute and she drove on her own.

That was the day everything changed for my mom.  

She got there fine but on her way into the doctor's office, she tripped and fell over an unpainted parking stop, shattering her elbow. It was so bright and sunny outside that she hadn't been able to see it.  

Three years later, she was gone.  

My mom is the #1 reason I'm on a personal mission to prevent as many unnecessary slips, trips and falls that can cause a senior's life - and yours - to change in a heartbeat.

My mom's story, unfortunately, is far from unique. All too often one single fall can cause a catastrophic domino effect in a senior's life.  

They may break an elbow - like my mom did - or they may break a hip, knee, or something else... An aging immune system means they are slow to recover from surgery and life is often never the same again, either for the senior or for their caregivers.  

And often these falls lead to an increased amount of drug intake, which can mean more interactions and side effects like sluggishness, irritability, digestive discomfort, and depression.

The good news is this: It's easier than ever to minimize risk to the seniors in our care and the Senior Step is the ideal place to start... 

I designed the Senior Step by first listening to 4 directors of senior living facilities + 2 physical therapists... then I set out to create a step stool that exceeded every expectation...

Did you know that there are virtually NO mandated minimum safety standards for "general purpose" step stools? There are regulations for industrial environments, but for the everyday scenarios our seniors face, there are virtually no regulations to protect them from unsafe step stools.

The Senior Step by Shure-Step® is the only step stool designed especially for seniors to meet & exceed both OSHA requirements & ANSI safety standards... because the seniors in our care deserve the safest possible step stool AND because you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you aren't putting your senior at risk with a flimsy, poorly-designed step stool.

The Senior Step helps your seniors safely navigate everyday mobility issues such as:

  • Safely climbing in & out of bed
  • Getting into and out of big vehicles like trucks & SUVs that sit high off the ground
  • Reaching high shelves with less risk
  • Traveling on buses, jitneys & other public transportation
  • Navigating everyday life with vision impairements, limited mobility, or while recovering from surgery or injury

The Senior Step features 9 safety essentials for seniors that you simply cannot find in any other step stool:

#1: 6 Inches Tall - This is the height physical therapists use for their seniors post-surgery. It's also the ideal height to cut common steps up into manageable distances for your senior, such as the step into a bus, truck, or SUV.

#2: 500-lb. Load Rating - Why so much? This is the safety standard in many industrial settings and the truth is any stool that doesn't accept 500 lbs. likely doesn't have a sturdy-enough structure to support your senior.

#3: Does NOT Fold - A folding stool may be a space-saver, but it's very unsafe. If a stool is designed to collapse, it can collapse while your senior is on it. Plus, hinges wear out, making folding stools more dangerous with time.

#4: Thick Rubber Pads - Small, flimsy or poorly-attached feet aren't enough to keep a stool from sliding on a wet or slippery floor. Our 6 pads are big, thick & securely attached with screws, not just glued or pushed up into a hole.

#5: NO LEGS - Most step stools have little legs. Seniors can get their feet caught underneath while trying to step up. That means the stool itself can cause a serious fall. The Senior Step has NO legs so a senior's foot can't get caught.

#6: Large, Non-Skid Top - Seniors need enough surface area to be able to turn around safely without slipping. Our step boasts over 2 square feet of nonslip top that isn't too rough on bare feet yet remains nonslip whether wet or dry. 

#7: High-Contrast Color - You want a stool that is easy to see, especially if your senior has poor vision. Senior Steps come in yellow or black: Choose the highest contrast color vs. your flooring so it's easy to see the edges & know where it's safe to step on and off.

#8: Lightweight - Just because a stool is rated for 500 lbs. doesn't mean it should weigh a ton. The Senior Step is lightweight enough that it's easy to carry around to use wherever your senior needs it (in & out of the car, in the kitchen pantry, etc.).

#9: Transportable - The Senior Step can be placed in the trunk of any vehicle. For jitneys & buses, drivers can secure the Senior Step under the front seats or with a bungee cord near the front door for easy access when assisting seniors on/off the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a warranty or money-back guarantee on the Senior Step?

A: I’m so confident you’ll love our durable over-engineered Senior Steps that we offer a NO-BS Double Guarantee: 

(1) If you’re aren’t thrilled with your Senior Step or any other Shure-Step product up to 60 days after puchase, return it full a refund. (2) If the Senior Step (or other Shure-Step) plastic ever becomes damaged during normal use, we will replace it FREE!

Q: How can this lightweight plastic step stool hold so much weight?

A: The Senior Step and all Shure-Steps® use our double walled construction to achieve unsurpassed durability and ruggedness.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders?

A: Absolutely! Email your purchase order to or fax to: 713-956-9311.

Q: Do you have any other types of step stools?

A: Yes, we offer a full range of safe step stools for seniors, mechanics, children, aircraft technicians and more. We also offer a more compact step stool as well as a 2-step stool, should you or your senior need it. You can view our complete product range here.

More questions? Please email me at or call me toll-free at 1-800-273-7866.