If there was an emergency evacuation right now would you and your beloved senior be prepared to pack up and leave? Do you have a plan for a senior citizen’s evacuation?

Some emergencies, like tornadoes, power outages and fires happen so fast you don’t have time to plan, you just react. In other emergency situations, such as a hurricane, you have a few days to prepare for evacuation. The key here is planning for an emergency BEFORE you have to evacuate. Get a kit, make a plan, be informed.

How do You Plan for a Senior Citizen Evacuation?

After Hurricane Harvey in 2017, there were many media reports of senior citizens left stranded in their retirement homes. They didn’t have to be if management had executed an evacuation plan early on. Management was either unprepared or caught off guard. Don’t let this happen to you.

While in the research phase for this article I found a fantastic guide about senior citizen evacuation. Here, we are giving you the checklists you need to survive the next disaster. Just click the attached Red Cross link: DISASTER PREPAREDNESS For Seniors By Seniors.

This resource was written by a group of seniors for senior evacuation after a big power outage in Rochester, NY years ago. Please, please, please  take the time to “READ and FOLLOW” this important guide that is shared by The American Red Cross.

This article has checklists for basic needs and supplies, colder climate supplies checklist and supplies for your vehicle checklist. This important guide also has a 3-step plan for being prepared for such a disaster:

  1. Get a kit.
  2. Make a plan.
  3. Be informed.

This guide also has tips on WHAT to do after the disaster strikes. One paragraph in this important article alerts you to scammers who often times prey on our elderly population following disasters. Protect yourself and your loved elders, get this guide and plan for the next natural disaster before you need to.

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June 1st is the beginning of hurricane season which makes this the perfect time to PLAN for an emergency evacuation, before there is one!


David DuPont
Founder and CEO, Shure-Step® Stools

David began working with retirement homes in 2003 when he helped solve a huge problem that almost all retirement homes were having: how to get seniors on and off the transportation buses safely. He has been a fierce advocate for senior safety ever since. Learn more about the many safety features of the Shure-Step Senior Step.