What makes a step stool safe and sturdy? One of the qualities is the step stool’s ability to stay put and not slip or slide with a load on it. How can this be accomplished? There are several methods that step stool manufacturers use depending on the intended use of the step stool. If the step stool is going to be used in a clean environment such as a warehouse with smooth concrete floors or at a car wash where the surface might be wet, most step stool manufacturers use non-slip rubber pads on the bottom of their steps to prevent slipping. But, all rubber non-slip pads are not created equal. And if you’re not paying attention, some of these pads are not very big or attached very securely. So what should you inspect the step stool for?

Check the non-slip pads for being attached securely by pulling on the pad and see if it comes off easily. If it does, please understand that it will come off easily while you are using the step stool. If the pad comes off, you no longer have anything to keep the step stool from sliding on a smooth floor. So, first check the non-slip pads for being attached securely. Next you’ll want to check the size and note how many of the non-slip pads are present on the bottom of the step stool. If you have a large step stool, you should have an adequate number of pads large enough to keep the step from sliding. The last thing to check is contact with the floor. Make sure that the non-slip pads are touching the floor when the step stool is set on it. You can do this by simply putting the step stool on a counter top and inspect where the non-slip pads contact the counter. The step stools with spring loaded wheels add danger to a step stool by making you apply enough weight for the non-slip pads to touch the floor. If you have a child or small person that tries to stand on this type of rolling step stool, their weight might not be enough to push on the step stool to make the non-slip pads touch the floor.

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