Using a crate as a step stool to work on aircraft, whether it’s a milk crate, a metal crate or a plastic crate is not only dangerous it is also against OSHA safety regulations. Whether working on aircraft in the hangar or just making sure that passengers step up safely onto the fold out stairs of an airplane, using the right step stool for the job is essential for company safety compliance. Most A&P mechanics will grab whatever they can find that’s close by to stand on to reach something just out of their normal range. The thinking is “Well, it ‘s just out of my reach so I’ll grab this crate real quick”. Not realizing that the crate they just “grabbed real quick” wasn’t designed for them to stand on. Next thing you know is the mechanic’s butt just hit the floor because the crate slipped out from under him.

The reason why crates make dangerous step stools is because the crates are perfectly square, which is great for using them as storage containers, but lousy as step stools. This is because a safe step stool for aircraft maintenance should put the weight of the person as close to the center of the step stool as possible. In order to do that the step stool has to be bigger at the bottom than at the top. With this type of design the persons weight is closer to the center of the aircraft step stool than if the side was straight like with a crate.

The only OSHA regulations for general purpose step stools are that the step stool has to have handrails if the step stool is over 24 inches high. So don’t expect to find a heavy duty aircraft step stool at one of the big box stores, won’t happen. Those stores sell junk for step stools, flimsy step stools that could injure you just by stepping up on it.

To make sure you get a quality air craft step stool do these 2 things: 1. Make sure the aircraft step stool has the pyramid shape as described above. 2. Look for a step stool with at least a 500 pound rating permanently affixed to the aircraft step stool.

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