School time is fast approaching now. And libraries will be filled with students once again.Have you ever experienced reaching books on top of the shelves with difficulty? Or even standing on a step that’s not safe for you to climb a little higher? Most of our libraries have high shelves to reach.

And most of their step stools are not dependable for library usage. Many libraries use a round plastic step stool that has a small top that seems impossible for both feet to stand on, and doesn’t even have a load rating.

There are also other libraries that use a ladder to reach higher shelves. But among all these step stools spreading around with safety promises they bring, would you know which from them really offers you the safety anyone would need?

Worries no more! The Shure-Step’s safe library step stool is the only step stool that qualify and satisfy every users needs of safety. Try to look for the excellent features brought to you by these step stools.

Next time you use a step stool in your library, consider these following DO’s and DONT’s for your safety:

• Step stool with legs are a no-no. ( this will bring you unwanted time in the hospital when its legs twist, break or bend when you shift your weight while reaching to put back books )

Folding step stools are also a don’t. ( because of its poor strength to hold a subject on top, it will likely to tip over and create injury to you )

Never use step stools with wheels or rollers ( its very dangerous for anyone on top if it slides, you may find yourself tumbling down to the floor )

• Step stool must have a minimum load rating of 500 lbs. ( this would carry heavier students even with loads of books on their hands )

• Look for a step stool with a flat base that touches the ground ( this way it can never tip over or there are no legs to bend and break )

• A step stool must have a wide and rough space on top ( this is to accommodate both feet so you can move freely and avoid falling while moving around )

So there was it! Be sure to use these guides when stepping on the step stool in your library. You’ll be glad you did!

The Safe Step Stool Guy, David C. DuPont has been helping people find solutions to their step stool problems for 13 years already. He knows best because he himself had a scary experience with faulty step stool before that’s why he invented the sturdiest and safest one. You can visit his site for his testimony or watch this video.


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