Let’s check how to purchase a safe step stool for your child. It doesn’t matter whether the safe step stool is made of wood or plastic. Because you will be looking for a step stool that is safe and can be move around easily by your child.

The most important feature you are going to look for is the stability and its ease of use. Some of these step stools can be folded to make it easier to store, and others are made in a very light weight that can only carry a load of less than 100 pounds. There are also some step stools that are built for taking up minimum storage space for your convenience. If you are being skeptical on the step stool you are buying, the load rating should not be an issue. But if you are buying for your child who happens to weigh 150 pounds or more, then be sure that the step stool you are looking for has the load rating printed on it, to make you feel at ease for better safety for your child.

There are these folding step stools that really give convenience because it can be store neatly in the closet. Since in most homes space is a problem that’s why a folding step stool only takes up a very minimal space when folded. But be cautious because these folding step stools are also dangerous when not used properly. Be sure to read its warning label about the maximum reach it allows.

Another problem that you should be aware of is to make sure the step stool doesn’t slide easily on the floor. Because there are some step stools that are made of wood or plastic that easily slides on the smooth floor. Try to check the bottom of the step stool for the non-slip pads. Feel the non slip pads to make sure it’s good enough to keep it steady on smooth floors. If you discover that the pads are hard, don’t buy this step stool! Another way to test the step stool to make sure it will not slide is, you simply put the step on a slick linoleum floor then push it with your foot. This little way of testing a step stool will give you an idea which step stool is really safe for your child to use.

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