When you see a step stool sitting in front of a bus do you wonder if it’s a safe step stool? Let’s take a look at the step stools buses use and why. Some of the step stools the buses are using are metal step stools. These step stools are made of square metal tubes welded to a metal frame with legs that have rubber pads on the bottom. At first glance these step stools look sturdy, but upon closer inspection you may find that these bus step stools are not as safe as they look.

For a step stool to be safe, legs are not recommended. Why, Bus drivers have repeatedly told me horror stories as they watched visually impaired seniors who couldn’t clearly see the top of the bus step stooll and put their foot under the bus step stool instead of on top. They looked somewhat confused as they tried to lift their foot and the bus step stool moving with their foot.

Also, if a bus step stool has legs, the legs are the weakest point of the step stool because eventually the legs will either bend making the step stool unstable or the welds that hold the step stool together will crack, allowing the step stool to wobble.

Look at the bus step stool. Ask yourself “Will this bus step stool hold a very, very large person?” If the step stool is a wooden step stool made for a child, maybe not. Look for a load rating on the step stool. If it doesn’t have one how do you know how much weight the step stool will carry? You Don’t!! So be careful.

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