When you want to put up your Christmas lights this season be sure to look for a lightweight heavy duty step stool with a large top surface instead of a ladder. In a lot of situations your ladder might be too bulky to set up properly. Sometimes if the ground is soggy the legs of the ladder may sink into the ground when you stand on it. Making the ladder unstable and possibly tip over, with you on it!!! Yikes. When you open the ladder to put up Christmas decorations around your house it can be very difficult to set it down on the ground without setting it on plants or around other decorations without making the ladder unstable or breaking the decorations. This is where a smaller step stool can get into tight places safely to provide the proper support for you while putting up Christmas lights on the outside of your house or putting the angel on the top of your Christmas tree. Just make sure the step stool doesn’t have any legs if you’re using it outside. Legs sink into the ground.

Using the right step stool you can make putting up Christmas lights easy and safe. And don’t forget that you have to take all those Christmas decorations down too. So make it safe and happy holidays for everyone by using a safe step stool to put your decorations and lights up. Your family will be glad you did.

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