The need for a safe airline step stool has never been greater. Right now, we have more senior citizens and physically disabled people traveling on planes than ever before. And the smaller regional airlines are flying as many passengers per year as the major airlines. Some of these aircraft are too small for the jet bridge to accommodate, so the passengers board and disembark the airplane via a stairway that folds out when the main aircraft door is opened. On some of these airplanes the first step up from the ground to that stair is 12 inches or more. Seniors and physically handicapped need a safe, sturdy step on the ground to help them up to that first stairway step on the planes door.

Pilots and pilots-in-training only have a very small rung to step on when getting into and out of their small single engine aircraft. Using a 2 step stool with secure non-slip surfaces makes it so much safer and easier for them to do that. The step should be light enough to move easily and have a large surface area to stand on. It should also be a bright color so it is seen easily.

Also make sure that your aircraft step has at least a 500 pound load rating permanently attached to the step so there will never be any doubt if it is strong enough to hold even the largest person wanting to fly. If your aircraft step stool has legs, it probably isn’t load rated high enough because legs tend to get bent, then it will become unstable or wobbly. If you are flying in the winter where ice tends to cover the Tarmac, be sure that you keep your aircraft step secure on the ground by installing ice cleats on the bottom of the step for the winter months.

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