When buying a step stool one of the first items to check, after the load rating, is the non-slip pads on the bottom of the step. You only need to use a simple test to make sure the step stool is safe and won’t slide when you use it at home or work. The non-slip pads are usually the last thing anyone thinks about when purchasing a step stool. Most people using a step stool find out about the non-slip pads the wrong way, when they use the step stool on a slick, wet floor, and then it’s too late.

Here’s my simple test:

On a slick floor: Like linoleum or smooth concrete floors, in stores like Target or Home Depot, set your step stool on the floor. Apply weight to the top of the step while trying to push the step slightly sideways.

Does it slide easily? Or does it “stick” to the floor? Or move slowly as you push?

This slide test will tell you if your step stool has good non-slip pads and will stay put with you standing on it or if it will slide with you on it.

The next test for the non-slip pads that you want to do is to try to push your thumbnail into the rubber pad on the bottom of the step. Does your thumbnail make an indentation in the rubber? Is the non-slip pads hard plastic? Do the non-slip pads feel like the rubber on the bottom of your tennis shoe? Are the non-slip pads large enough for the intended use of the step stool?

If the non-slip pads are hard plastic, they can’t keep the step stool from sliding, that’s why you want the pads to have a rubbery feel like the bottom of a tennis shoe.

The last thing you’ll want to check is, How easy would it be to order and replace the pads? Some step stools do not have replaceable pads, so make sure to check this if you plan to use the step stool for a long time.

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