I have Lyme Disease and it has gotten in all my joints. It has made it hard for me to get in our mini-van. I am in a wheelchair most of the time, but can walk a couple of steps with a cane. There are times where I have tried as hard as I can, and I have not been able to raise my leg up high enough to get in our van. It has made me panicky about going anywhere. I have missed events with my family because I haven’t been able to get into the van. Also, my doctor wants to see me frequently, so it is a major problem if I can’t get into our van.

I also have lots of other health problems caused by the Lyme, so often don’t feel well at all most of the time. When I do feel well enough to get out, but then can’t get into the van, it is yet another loss. My ability to get into the van has decreased with time–especially since right before Christmas–to the point I didn’t know what I would do if I were out somewhere and couldn’t get back in.

My husband suggested looking for some sort of stool to get in with. I was afraid of getting on anything because I am so unsteady on my feet. I was afraid if I got on something, it might tip over. Your product looks safe to me–less lightly to tip over. It also looks like it will be easy to put it in the van with us to carry along when we go. My senior citizen mother also struggles to get into our van (although she has a better time getting in it than me) so I know she will appreciate us having it, too.

I am trying to remember exactly how I found your product when I did an on-line search. I did a google search with the words “stool to get into car”. I ended up at Amazon and read some reviews of stools they offer. Some of the reviews mentioned words senior or geriatric, so even though I am not a senior citizen (although Lyme makes me feel old), I put those in. So I think that is how I found you. Sorry to not remember exactly.



In this situation, Becky is looking for a sturdy step stool so she can feel safe and stable getting into her van. She wisely purchased the Senior Step Stool because it has a very large standing surface on the top of the step, large enough for a person to turn around on if she has to. The other feature of this step that she will enjoy is that it is rated for 500 pounds, so she won’t feel like the step is flimsy or going to cave in on her.

One other thing that directors of assisted living facilities have indicated is special about this step stool is that it has no legs and it would be impossible to get her foot caught under the step. So if Becky didn’t quite have the strength to pick her foot up and place it directly on the top of the step, she could slide her foot up the side of the step until it reached the top. This one little feature may not seem like a big deal to most, but if you’ve ever had to help a physically challenged loved one get up into an SUV or bus then you understand how important this can be.

David C. DuPont