Have you ever been in a library and seen a child standing on one of the round step stools trying to reach a top shelf and the step stool that they were standing on tips over? One of the reasons this happens is the shape of the library step. The other is because the library step stool has wheels.

Round is not the best shape for any step stool. It just isn’t stable. A square or rectangle step stool is much more stable than a round step. The other problem, wheels, is asking for an accident to happen. Wheels are great for dollies, carts and anything you want to move. The purpose of a library step stool is to help kids reach the higher shelves. It should be stable and allow the child to reach up and over. If the step stool has wheels and the child doesn’t weigh enough, the step stool will roll with the kid on it. Not good.

Libraries should have a step stool with a wide base and a large standing surface. Enough of a surface to allow for some lateral movement. Sometimes a library will have an event with a children’s display in a case that is elevated. The younger children will have to use a step stool to view the contents of the display. If your child goes to the library make sure they have a safe step stool for her to use.

Some libraries use a folding step stool. Why? They are usually the cheapest to purchase and they fold up for storage, taking up very little space. You can find these folding step stools in some hardware stores like Lowes or in department stores like Target. But be warned of these folding step stools!! The load capacity on these step stools is usually between 150-225 pounds. If you stand on the second step of the folding step stool and reach over, you may find yourself on the floor. These step stools are not very safe.

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