How will your shorter students reach the water fountain at your school if it is installed at a height that is only comfortable for older, taller students? When elementary schools are built, especially when they were built many years ago, the needs of the young students were not taken into account for in the design of the bathrooms, water fountains and lab counter tops. Some newer elementary schools have mounted high & low water fountains so most of the younger students can reach them but inside the bathrooms the sinks are installed at height that keeps most kindergartners from being able to reach the sink faucet to wash their hands. And without being elevated some of the children just won’t be able to reach the toilet either…the toilet seat is too high.


So how do you elevate young students so they can safely get a drink of water and wash their hands?? Find a really tough step stool for them to use that will elevate the child safely. But make sure it is very durable, remember we’re talking about kids that can sometimes tear just about anything up. A step stool that kids use at school also has to have non slip rubber pads on the bottom of the step to keep it from sliding on slick or wet concrete. This step stool should also have some sort of abrasive top to keep the students wet shoes from slipping on the top. Because, in a bathroom there is water and when you mix kids and water you have a mess! And don’t forget the water fountain has water that gets splashed all around it and on the ground so the kids can stomp in the mud.

Let’s not forget the science lab counter tops that are built at a height that some students need a lift in order to participate in an experiment. The kids in these classes need a safe platform like step stool that is about 6 inches tall so they can move around on top of the step stool.