Dear Mr. DuPont,
I heard about Shure-Step from another company offering your product in the Dallas area. I searched and found your company under key word Shure-Step . The picture of the the tourists getting on the bus was very helpful. My wife has a torn meniscus on each knee. Both were repaired a yr apart, healing and recovery have been slow because of diabetes. Her knees still hurt and she is recovering slowly. She needs an extra step to get into the car. Six inches is perfect as provided by your product. 24 inches and the width of 13 inches provide exactly what she needs to get in and out of the car.

Gilbert Flores

Note from the editor:

Thank you Gilbert, You may not know it, but your wife is exactly who we designed the Senior Step for. “A physically challenged person who just needs a little lift to get them into and out of cars, trucks and SUV’s”. And this step stool also has a very large surface to make it easy to turn around and set your butt on the seat, then grab one of the handles and swing your feet into the car.

David C. DuPont