Fast lubes provide a service for their customers by providing periodic maintenance in a location convenient to their customers. But getting the oil & oil filter changed is just one of many services they offer. So each fast lube location has to hire trained mechanics to maintain their customers cars.

Fast lube mechanics come in all shapes and sizes…just like the cars, SUV’s and trucks they service. So it only makes sense that a fast lube would have safe step stools that will make their mechanics job easier. At most fast lubes you have an “underground mechanic” whose job is to drain the oil and replace the oil filter. Another mechanic above the pit servicing the customers vehicle may need to use a step stool to reach into the engine compartment to check fluid levels, inspect belts, hoses and air filter. The mechanic in the pit below the vehicle may need a safe step stool to reach an oil filter or drain plug. A lot of times in the oil change bay the surface that the mechanic is standing on is a metal grating. Not the easiest surface to keep a step stool from sliding on.

So how do you know which step stool will elevate the mechanic safely and not slide or tip over? The mechanic won’t always need the step stool in the oil change bay so moving the step stool easily will have to be a concern as well.

Shure-Step offers a lightweight, plastic step stool that is rated for 500 pounds. The 10 pound Shure-Step mechanics step is easy to move around and they come in black to hide most grease and grime. It’s rated for 500 pounds well, you know, for your big mechanics. This step is also stackable. So let’s say a 1-Ton 4X4 truck pulls into your oil change bay. Grab two 10 inch high Nobby Top Shure-Steps from in between the bay doors (where they store easily and out of the way) and your mechanic can stack one step on top of the other and have a 16 inch high work platform to check under the hood or to reach the oil filter below.