I’m impressed with your product’s performance and I am finding more and more uses for this step in the UC Davis Health System. In the health system, we have a variety of applications. Our shuttle vans could use it for passenger loading, our warehouse workers could use it for stacking barrels of waste, our shorter nurses could use it to reach the ICU beds better (they don’t adjust as low as other beds), our shorter patients could use it to come to stand easier, our IT/office workers could use it to reach cases of paper off the pallet, our Lift Team could use it to help patients out of their cars easier, our clinic patients could step onto the exam tables easier…..and the list goes on.

In the age if high tech, it’s nice to know that it can be applied to the basic of needs: adding a little height. It keeps our workers from reaching overhead and promotes working in a zone where we are most powerful (between shoulder and hip height). I’m a physical therapist, and have been using stepstools for years, but this is the first I’ve found that is wide enough to let you stand with your feet apart. Wide stance is key to stability when working, and it adds more mobility (you can reach farther). I love that I can stand and squat on this step without feeling like I’m going to slip off! I am specifically interested in the yellow senior (6-inch) Shurestep (13.5 x 24″), the yellow 6-inch stepstool (12″ x 12″), and the yellow Nobby Top Shurestep II (13.5′ x 24″).

Thank you very much,

Kelly S. Barry, MPT, CEAS
Physical Therapist
Biomechanics and Ergonomic Specialist
UC Davis Medical Center, CA


It’s funny that you should be telling me this, I was just at an aviation show in Oshkosh, WI and a surgeon took 4 of the steps to his hospital to use in their OR’s for their hospital group in Florida.

The yellow SS2Y-Nobby also comes in another model for everyday passenger use. The SS2Y-Pass has a sandpaper top and has been re-enforced to withstand everyday outside use.

Thanks for your continued use of our products,

David C DuPont

The Sacramento Unified School Dist. just ordered the Senior Steps for their elementary school kids.