Truck mechanics need a safe step stool when working on the engines of large trucks. Finding a heavy duty step stool that will adjust in height and won’t tip over may seem like an impossible task. Remember that these large trucks and the diesel mechanics who work on them come in different heights so an adjustable step stool can make the diesel mechanics job a LOT easier. Once the mechanic is in the engine compartment and is working on the engine or inside the engine compartment he may or may not need his step stool. There is some engine work that requires the truck mechanic to be working on top of the engine where he needs to stand on a step stool and then there is engine work where he doesn’t need to stand on anything but the floor. Having a lightweight step stool that the truck mechanic can easily move out of the way and then slide it back into place will make the mechanics job go a lot faster and safer.

There are metal step stands that can be used but these steps are usually too big and bulky to get into the engine compartment for the mechanic to be able to move around the engine. If the truck mechanic is working on the top of the engine and needs to step down to work elsewhere in the engine compartment, moving the large bulky metal stand out of his way might be hard to do. The other problem with the metal stands is they usually don’t have big enough rubber pads on the bottom to keep the stand from sliding on the concrete floor while the mechanic is standing on it.

Truck mechanics can buy a plastic step stool sold on most tool trucks or from Home Depot, but those step stools are usually flimsy and don’t last very long. Nor do they have a heavy duty load rating like 500 pounds or rubber pads on the bottom of the step to keep them from sliding.

The folks at Shure-Step have actually worked on trucks and understand what truly works for diesel mechanics. The mechanics step stools they offer have a rough tread on the top of the step, large rubber pads on the bottom of the step, and the Shure-Step mechanics step is load rated for 500 pounds. Oh, and yes it’s also stackable.

Shure-Step is a stackable safety step rated at 500 pounds that has many uses; Seniors, bariatric patients, physical therapists, rehabilitation facilities, bus, train, transportation drivers, warehouse workers, mechanics, technicians, aircraft maintenance and safe steps for airlines, even children benefit from the stability and strength of the Shure-Step.