Why would you want your licensed, trained A&P mechanic working from a folding step stool or even worse a cheap plastic step stool bought at Wal-Mart. Truth is . . . there’s a big difference between a cheap step stool bought at your local discount store and a heavy duty A&P mechanics step stool designed to last. Trying to keep you’re A&P mechanics safe when working on aircraft can be almost impossible, or difficult to say the least. Step stools used for aircraft maintenance should be tough enough to withstand rough service and NOT crack or break the first time a tug bumps against it. The A&P mechanics step stool should also have large rubber pads on the bottom to prevent sliding on the smooth or epoxy floor of a hangar or scratching the paint on an aircraft if it is used on a wing or other painted surface on the plane. This step would have to withstand enormous weight, say 500 pounds or more and if the top surface had a non-slip surface, that would also help make the A&P mechanic’s job easier & safer.

There are a lot of step stool choices for A&P mechanics. You have to make sure that the steps used in and around the hangar are safe to use and durable enough to last. There is a heavy duty; industrial strength step stool that makes sense, you should check out, it is called the Shure-Step safety step stool. The Shure-Steps are used by Boeing in their Washington State manufacturing plants, so you know they’re safe to use. There’s another safety minded company that has the Shure-Steps in every one of their training centers in North America you may have heard of….Ford.

Shure-Step is a stackable safety step rated at 500 pounds that has many uses; Seniors, bariatric patients, physical therapists, rehabilitation facilities, bus, train, aircraft and transportation drivers, warehouse workers, mechanics, and technicians, even children benefit from the stability and strength of the Shure-Step. Shure-Steps have a non-slip surface with height starting at 6 and 10 inches, and allows you to stack them to reach up to 16 to 22 inches high or more for a guaranteed safe reaching and stepping aid.

David C. DuPont had invented the safest Shurestep step stool not for his own gratification but specifically to help people prevent unwanted accident like he had before while using unsafe crate to stand on. That incident pushed David to create a more stable, sturdy and safest step stool anyone could use. So why don’t you do yourself a favor and head on over to their website to check them out at www.Shure-Step.com.