Large truck mechanics looking for a step stool to use in their service centers will use just about anything they can find that is conveniently laying around. That includes milk crates, chairs, cheap flimsy step stools, blocks of wood or anything else that might elevate them to reach their work. I would like to point out that none of those items are designed for mechanics to use while working on large trucks. In fact those items might just cost the mechanic lost time from work from falling off of them when used as a step stool. It is human nature to want to use the most convenient item because we want to get our work done quickly. But using those items as a step stool may be an accident waiting to happen. Why? Because those items are NOT designed for a mechanic to stand on! Those items when used as a step stool can ruin your company’s safety record.


Why not research the web and look for a safe step stool that is designed for mechanics. A step stool that won’t tip over. A step stool that when oil or grease is spilled on it won’t endanger the mechanic standing on it. A step stool that is tough and durable so it will last. A step stool that is rated for 500 pounds. A step stool that will adjust in height so that the mechanic can work comfortably on trucks that are different heights or he can work on different systems of the truck.


Does such a mechanic’s step stool exist? And if so why haven’t you heard of it? There is a step stool designed by a mechanic that will solve your safety nightmare. It is called Shure-Step and the president of the company, David DuPont, designed it after falling off a milk crate when he was working on a 4-wheel drive truck. After searching for a safe replacement step stool for his milk crate and unable to find one, he designed the Shure-Step.


When you order your Shure-Step and use it for a few weeks you’ll even say ” This is one tough step stool, well worth it’s price”.