Mechanics that work on trucks and SUV’s often need a step stool to stand on in order to safely reach into the engine compartment. Most truck technicians say that they want a step stool that will not tip over while they are working and also want the step stool to last. There is one company makes a heavy duty plastic step stool that won’t tip or slide even when a mechanic stands on the outer edge of the step. The company name is Shure-Step and says that their mechanics step stools are also stackable.

The founder of the company, David DuPont, was a mechanic in 1992 when he was standing on a plastic milk crate doing a tune up on a 4 x 4 truck. He said the milk crate shot out from under his feet while trying to remove a very tight spark plug .from the back of the engine. He swore that this would not happen again for any mechanic if they tried his step stool.

What makes the Shure-Step so superior to other step stools is the wedge design accompanied by 6 large rubber pads on the bottom to keep it from sliding on slick floors. The top surface of the mechanics step stool is very rough, aptly named the “Nobby Top” so even if a mechanic spills oil, grease or hydraulic fluid on it his feet will not slip on the top surface. The Shure-Step also is stackable, meaning that if your mechanic is working on 4 x 4 truck he can place one step on top of another and his working height increase from 10 inches to 16 inches off the floor. This is the only mechanic step stool that is adjustable, Shure-Step did this because trucks and people come in all different shapes and sizes.

To keep your truck service center safe and efficient your mechanics should have a safe step stool to use. Be sure to check the weight rating on the step stool you intend to use. Most step stools either don’t have a load rating for the step or the information is not permanently attached to the step. Keep your mechanics safe and they will continue to make your service center profitable!