I’m Tony’s wife, (who did the research) and I googled step stools for seniors, and step stools. I saw your website right away and knew it was the right one because the way you actually showcased how the steps work for seniors getting into SUVs, buses, etc.

My Mother has great difficulty getting in/out of vehicles and regular step stools just don’t help. When I saw yours, it seemed to make lots of sense so, hopefully, it will aid us greatly getting her in and out.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving the step.

Marianne & Tony

Note from the editor:

Marianne & Tony mention trying “regular step stools” in their note, a more accurate description might be “flimsy step stools”. We’ve had more and more people come up to us at seminars & trade shows telling us about the problems with the flimsy step stools they bought at Home Depot or Wal-Mart. But because they work for a big corporation, the bean counters don’t see immediate value in a better, longer lasting product with a slightly bigger price tag. Even if safety is at stake. What a shame. Just like Marianne says: after you’ve used those flimsy step stools when you see the Shure-Steps, it makes a lot of sense.

David C. DuPont



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