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Why buy two? While 50% off a second Shure-Step is a fantastic deal, you need a reason to get a second product. Most people who take advantage of this BOGO (Buy One Get One 1/2 off) do so because they live in a multi-story home or need one shure-step for the kitchen area and another one for bedroom closet. At certain age, you don’t want to carry a ten pound shure-step from Kitchen to bedroom area and vise-versa. So if you don’t have one in each place, you tend to ignore the safety concern and try to reach up using an unsafe method (like an upside down pot in the kitchen or a laundry basket).

We want to give you an incentive to have TWO identical units installed in your home so whether you are in the kitchen or in bedroom area, you can climb up to reach where you need to reach and SAFELY come down when you are done.

1 Senior Step @ $149
1 Senior Step @ $75 (half off)
1 Travel Step @ $63 (half off)
Total Bundle is $287


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